A cone-shaped Mozambican traditional  basket, which can be made with two different materials – the Ilala palm,  which is then reinforced with Mutamba bark, or with bush willow fiber. The Xirrunzu is considered to be one of the finest African woven baskets. Both types are done with the knotted/coiled technique that is widely used in Southern Africa to weave baskets to collect fruits, grain, etc 

Through art and crafts programs, DATHONGA aims to preserve traditional Mozambican handicrafts by engaging the young generations through training programs and involving communities in the business of craft production. 

Dathonga has identified various basketry techniques in Mozambique and currently works with the Sipatsi and Xirrunzu techniques

We bring passion and the knowledge of different cultures and artisanal traditions to our commitment to building profitable businesses for communities

Handmade from the finest natural woods and fibers in Mozambique and sourced from using environmentally sustainable methods, our collection supports more than just people. Harvesting only what the tree or plant can withstand, these rural women are experts at harvesting organic raw materials.The world moves at a faster pace than ever before, but here in Mozambique, time has been kind. Our people still know how to work with nature, still remember how to use woods and manipulate fibers into beautiful and useful products



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