Our amazing stockists/partner Loja CELO is an amazing gallery in Maputo that I love very much. CELO has been very supportive to many Mozambican brands, helping us showcase our products in the best ways.

CELO makes sure to invite everyone to this special marketplace, from locals, expats and diplomats. We must say thank you very much to Marcelo and the CELO team: you are TOP! You have been amazing, charismatic, helpful to us all!

The SUPERMERCADO concept was launched to help brand visibility, sell more products and meet new clients. For the bi-annual SUPERMERCADO, the Loja CELO team creates a perfect environment with DJs, food and drinks from NOM, the top restaurant in Maputo.

If you are in Maputo and don’t yet know this lovely gallery, please visit them to enjoy products from Mozambique’s top designers. Thank you, Marcelo, for all your support!